The "Safe Motorcyclist Training Project" funded by the FIA Road Safety Grant program continues!

The Safe Motorcyclist Training Project, funded by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) under the "Road Safety Grant Program," is still being carried out in several cities with many cooperating institutions, particularly our institution.

The Safe Motorcyclist Training Project aims to increase knowledge of safe motorcycling practices and the right usage of protective equipment among all motorcycle enthusiasts, particularly among motorcycle couriers who have not had the opportunity to get vocational training.

On the website, participants register for the seminars and those who attend:

- Certificate of participation

- High Visibility Vest

- Motorcycle Travel Guide Book

- Motorcycle Handbook

- Moto-Courier's Handbook

are given as gifts.

With the project and related activities, more than 23,000 motorcycle users have now been reached.

Specific Purpose of the Project:

Traffic statistics from TURKSTAT (Security General Directorate and Turkey Statistical Institute) show that since 2020, the profession of the motorcycle courier has grown to be a crucial part of logistics and transportation in many industries. At the same time, both the number of motorcycles registered in traffic and the number of motorcycle accidents have increased. According to data from the same source, there were 1,182,491 traffic incidents in 2022, of which 997,363.00 resulted in property damage and 185,128 in fatalities. 43.5% of collisions are the fault of the driver, and 89.6% are the result of poor driving.

Today, it is well known that failure to properly use helmets and other approved protective safety equipment is one of the primary causes by which "vulnerable road users"* are exposed to severe physical and psychological harm in incidents involving them.

Given these facts, the main objective of our project is to increase awareness of  *"vulnerable road users,"* who are at threat for more than half of accidents, and to help prevent traffic accidents that result in injuries through the seminars we deliver under curriculum titles covering a variety of topics, from the significance of protective equipment to reading traffic flow and traffic etiquette.

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Writer: Aslıhan Yesir