Guest House Renovation

It is estimated that the street, which was named after a marble Turkish fountain belonging to the Selim III period, was first established in the 18th century. On the right, the Bâb-ı Hümâyun (Imperial Gate) with all its splendor, and on the left, the Soğukçeşme Street, which starts from the Hagia Sophia Imaret Gate, one of the most beautiful examples of the baroque style in Istanbul, welcomes travelers with its cobblestone road extending to Gülhane Park.

It is known that the first owner of the Guest House was Hasan Tahsin Effendi, who was a legal advisor at the Land Registry Administration in Hippodrome (Sultanahmet) Square. The first restoration works of the mansion began with its purchase by Touring and Automobile Association of Turkey in 1992. Since 1993, it started to host its guests under the name of "Guest House." Static problems of the building were fixed through careful efforts. The interior and exterior have been completely renovated. Landscaping works were carried out and the interior equipment, lighting, heating, cooling systems and technological components were refurbished. All rooms were redesigned and a unique concept was created. Preserving the original texture of the 1500-year-old historical cistern in the garden, a jacuzzi, spa and bath section were added for the guests. The mansion is ready to welcome guests in its large garden.

The mansion, which invites you to a journey into the depths of history with its centuries-old trees, fragrant flowers and birds singing in its garden, is welcoming its enthusiasts again. Like all the mansions on Soğukçeşme Street, the Guest House is operated under the brand name of “Hilton, Curio Collection” by Hilton, one of the most prestigious hotel chains in the world. While the Club's businesses in Sultanahmet make a great contribution to the touristic aspect of the region, it also offers its visitors an unforgettable experience in mansions, which are a part of history.

The Guest House, located in the historical heart of Istanbul, is one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture and takes its guests on a journey in time with its service quality above world standards and its unique location.