Free 20,000 Reflective Vests from Turing to University Students

The TTOK achieved another first!

The Turkish Touring and Automobile Association, which has pioneered in numerous fields since its founding, is proud to have launched a brand-new social responsibility project.

The scooter, today's favorite alternative mode of transportation, is gradually becoming a part of our daily lives. Its widespread use has led to tragic traffic accidents, even if it makes daily mobility more convenient. To prevent these accidents, the Highway Traffic Regulation was updated to make it mandatory for motorbikes, bicycles, mopeds, and electric scooters to wear reflective clothing at night.

Turing has worked for public interest in the auto industry and road safety since 1923. Turing is upholding its heritage of serving the public welfare by giving away 20,000 reflective vests to youth as a part of a project it initiated to promote the widespread usage of reflective vests.

As TTOK, we continue to support any effort necessary to increase public awareness of road safety, appropriate equipment usage, and safe motorcycle riding. We hope that every action made in the name of promoting road safety will result in long-lasting changes in the emergence and growth of social consciousness.