Automobile In Ottoman Istanbul Book

The book Automobile in Ottoman Istanbul consists of five chapters titled “Roads and Transportation in Istanbul before the Ottoman Empire," "Land Transportation in Istanbul from Conquest to Reform," "Land Transportation in Istanbul Before Automobiles," "The Beginning of Automobile History in the World" and "History of the Automobile in the Ottoman Empire, Ottoman Period."

The first chapter addresses transportation networks in Eastern Rome (Byzantine) and the vehicles used, the second part addresses the roads and various cars used in transportation in Istanbul from the Conquest to the Reform; the third chapter addresses the omnibus, horse-drawn tram, suburban train and electric trams used in land transportation from the Reform era to the arrival of the automobile. In the fourth part, a brief information is given about the emergence of various brands of automobiles after the emergence of the idea of automobile in the world and its recognition in the global market. In the last part, an automobile history based in Istanbul is discussed. Many topics from tire dealers to gas stations, from mechanics to bargainers, from taxis to minibuses, from drivers to automobile accidents were explained. In addition, information was given about bicycles, trams, omnibuses, buses and pedestrians. Many issues such as how to get on and off the car, which was a new concept, how to act around other transportation means in traffic, what to learn about before driving the car and similar information was shared.