We would like to see you among us with the Turing Higher Education Success Scholarship!

The social responsibility project started by the Touring And Automobile Assocition Of Turkey with the slogan "Scholarships for 90 Successful Students on the 90. Anniversary of its Foundation", continues in its 9th year, increasing in number every year and reaching an average of 850 scholarship students.

We want successful students to be members of our big family this year, as well.

  • If you are a student at state universities or private/foundation universities (with 100% scholarship) in Istanbul and Ankara,
  • You can apply for our scholarships at https://bys.turing.org.tr.

Following the work of our scholarship commission, which consists of experienced names from the academic world, the success list is announced in consequence of the interviews carried out with great care and devotion at our central office. Finally, you can become a member of this family by signing the consent letter prepared for our scholars.

  • Besides success scholarships, Turing supports students with various cultural and artistic activities, foreign language courses, workshops, and national and overseas trips throughout the academic year.

All you have to do is to apply for the Turing Higher Education Success Scholarship and step into a qualified academic life.