Touring Documentaries

TTOK, which has been working to introduce the historical, architectural, cultural, natural and human values of our country to the world since the day it was founded, continues to carry out important projects with its documentaries. Touring documentaries can be categorized into three groups: UNESCO World Heritage Turkey 360°, Süha Arın documentaries from Past to Present and A New Tourism Route: The Grand Master Mimar Sinan documentary.

The “UNESCO World Heritage Turkey 360°” project was carried out to promote Turkey's natural and cultural sites, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, in international and national media. A total of 62 videos, each of which is 2 minutes long, were shot in the project.

Within the scope of the “Suha Arın Documentaries from Past to Present” Project, a series of documentaries reflecting Anatolian culture and traditional values were restored and transferred to digital media. They were realized by Süha Arın between 1975-1977 with the support of The Touring and Automobile Association of Turkey under the technical conditions of the period

In order to contribute to Turkey's tourism potential, the works of Mimar Sinan, one of the most important values of our cultural heritage, were promoted to national and international audiences through different routes with the "A New Tourism Route: Grand Master Mimar Sinan Project". Two books in English and Turkish, a bilingual brochure and map containing the works found at the route stops, were published, and a 60-minute documentary was shot in which the works were introduced in detail.

You can access all the documentaries on our Touring Culture and Art Youtube channel.