Touring Central Office

Turing Seyrantepe Genel Merkezi

Touring Central Office is a campus built on an area of 10,208 m² in Seyrantepe in 1994 due to the inadequacy of its old building. There are 5 buildings in total within the campus. The first building includes accounting, law and culture and arts project offices. Within the main building appears the conference hall with a capacity of 150 people, the Touring Library with more than 15 thousand books and Triptyque services. The other 2 separate buildings houses 10 classrooms equipped with modern materials and a physician's room. Besides, the guests can eat and have a chat in the Pink and Green Houses in the garden.

Touring Central Office is the main location for the students and moto courier training, triptych services and especially cultural and artistic activities, and the campus welcomes its guests with its popular activities and unique garden.

In the garden of Touring, there are 43 types of trees from Judas to Fir Tree, from Cherry to Mock Oranges, from Lilac to Mulberry trees, and 925 flowers of 26 types.

The garden offers a natural place in the heart of the city for our students and guests to socialize and hold conversations accompanied by the scent of flowers and bird sounds,

Local and foreign customers in Istanbul who want to benefit from triptyque services can come to the Touring central office in Seyrantepe and execute their transactions.

To benefit from the services, you can visit the triptyque offices located in different cities.

Huzur Mah. Fazıl Kaftanoğlu Cad. No:2 Seyrantepe, Sarıyer, İstanbul
+90 (212) 282 81 40
+90 (212) 395 38 38