Istanbul Coffeehouse

İstanbul Kahvehanesi

Istanbul Coffeehouse is a Touring establishment where Turkish coffee and tea are served, remaining loyal to the classical style, next to the Cedid Mehmed Efendi Madrasa located in the historical Sultanahmet Square. 

The Coffeehouse aims to continue the Turkish coffee culture, which has an important place in daily life, in a place reflecting the coffeehouse spirit of Ottoman Istanbul, which is compatible with the historical structure of the region. With its nostalgic presentation and coffee that is cooked slowly over coal fire, Istanbul Coffeehouse provides those who come to visit Sultanahmet Square to have a rest and chat without getting away from the historical atmosphere.

Coffee came to Ottoman lands through traders in the 16th century. The increase in the coffee trade after the conquest of Egypt enabled the coffee culture to spread among the people. With the spread of coffeehouses in Istanbul, people from various groups and different cultural levels gathered at those places to drink coffee, accompany, create a rapidly developing cultural environments, and socialize.

This place offers a quiet environment where you can sip your coffee, served in finely embroidered cups, with meaningful talks just like in the old days.

Those who want to taste this culture closely at Istanbul Coffeehouse located in Cedid Mehmet Efendi Madrasa are welcomed.

Cankurtaran, Kabasakal Cad. No: 5, Fatih, İstanbul
+90 (212) 458 15 15