International Driver Permit

Uluslararası Sürücü Belgesi

This document is readily obtainable on production of an original driving license issued by any country in the world and accompanied by two recent photographs.

The fee is: 4.235,00 TL *See Note 1

However, since the international driving permit can be issued only for a period of one year, the original driving license produced must be valid for at least one year on the date of demand. For driving licenses in foreign languages, translation is required from consulates or embassies. International driving permits are not valid in the country they are issued in.

Note 1: According to the financial legislation of the state, fees for International Driving Permits are re-determined at the beginning of each year. Also, according to the same legislation, the stamp fee is reduced in cases where the applicant is applying for the international driving permit for the second time. In order to benefit from this reduction, the expired document should be returned to the Association, together with the applicant’s original driving license valid for at least one year and two recent photographs.

The fee is: 2.263,63 TL

Note 2: International Driving Permits are valid in most countries that have approved the agreement on this issue. The only condition for obtaining this document is to be a tourist in that country and not to be a permanent resident.

In view of the number of websites offering International Driving Permits via internet which are not legal documents, Touring has added some security features to the documents such as holograms, embossed stamps, plastic films. Counterfeit International Driving Permits issued by "pirate organisations" are a threat to road safety and personal security.

Note: Document fees can be paid with a credit card at our offices stated below; İstanbul, Ankara, Kapıkule, İpsala.