Havuzlu Asmazlar Mansion

Havuzlu Asmazlar Konağı

Havuzlu Asmazlar Mansion is a Touring establishment in Safranbolu, a touristic town of Karabük, and reflects the characteristic features of Ottoman architecture. The Mansion, which is the largest mansion in the region being restored in accordance with its original form after purchased by Touring and Automobile Association of Turkey, was opened in 1988 as the first traditional boutique hotel of Safranbolu and Anatolia. Konak, which has a very large area with the pool hall that gave its name to the building, traditionally furnished rooms, cool sofas, and a green garden, reflects the traditional Ottoman style in Anatolia. The Havuzlu Asmazlar Mansion serves as a Boutique Hotel run by Touring today and hosts its guests who want to stay in an authentic environment without straying from the historical atmosphere.

Safranbolu Houses are one of the rarest examples of Ottoman civil architecture and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994. The Houses formed their present structure in the 18th and 19th centuries. All the houses in Safranbolu were built in harmony with nature, without blocking the view of one another as a result of the unwritten rule of Ottoman architecture.

As a result of this balance, the Mansion was built close to the old bazaar center. It is known that its first owners were Hüseyin Ağa, one of the timar lords. In the past, the surroundings of the mansion were abounded in vineyards, as a result this region was called “Bey’in bağı (the vineyard of the lord)” among the people, and today the name of the street remained as "Beybağı".

Afterwards, the “Ağsımazlar” family from Kazan Turks, who settled in Eskipazar, bought the mansion and built other mansions around it over the years. The mansion and the family began to be called Asmazlar from mouth to mouth.

The pool hall is located on the ground floor and gives the mansion its name. It is approximately 100 square meters and with its carved wooden ceiling and the famous pool of about 2 meters, the hall amazes the visitors. The inner pool with the fountain is used to keep the spoken subject inside, to supply water in cases of fires and to provide coolness. It offers a nice atmosphere for the guests who want to relax with the sound of running water.

On the cellar floor at the entrance to the backyard, there is a dining hall for 60 people with an authentic big fireplace.

Hacıhalil, Beybağı Sok. No: 18 Safranbolu, Karabük
+90 (370) 712 14 44