Hagia Sofia Mansions

Ayasofya Konakları

Hagia Sophia Mansions are wooden houses built on the historical Soğukçeşme Street between Topkapı Palace and the high walls of Hagia Sophia. The Mansions preserved their historical fabric until today, and they were subject to the photos, paintings, and engravings. 

The street got its name from a marble Turkish fountain belonging to the reign of Selim III, and it is estimated by looking at the existing engravings that it was first formed in the 18th century. With the Bâb-ı Hümâyun on its right and the Hagia Sophia Imaret Gate, one of the most beautiful examples of the baroque style in Istanbul, on the left, Soğukçeşme Street takes travelers on a journey in a historical atmosphere with its cobblestone pavements going bact to Gülhane Park.

Consisting of 9 mansions of different colors and Guest Houses with large gardens, leaning against the walls of the palace along the street, Hagia Sophia Mansions reflect the characteristics of the late Ottoman architecture. The palace staff of the period and the staff of the Hagia Sophia Mosque lived in the Mansions, and they reflect the most precious examples of Ottoman civil architecture in terms of both the location and construction style. These mansions, distinguished examples of our traditional architecture, were unfortunately left to their fate over time, resulting in the collapse and concretion of the houses. 

These houses, which were in a very bad condition on the historical street, were restored by the Touring and Automobile Association of Turkey in 1985-1986 to bring them in cultural life and tourism. The mansions have been one of the exemplary and pioneering enterprises of the period and lined up on the street like a pearl attracting the attention of local and foreign tourists.

The ownership of all mansions on Soğukçeşme Street belongs to TTOK and the operating rights are rented to professional companies for a period. Today, it is operated by the "Hilton, Curio Collection" brand, one of the world's most prestigious hotel chains in the field of hotel management.

Thus, the first Curio Collection hotel in Turkey under the name of Hagia Sofia Mansions-Curio Collection by Hilton was opened in Touring establishments, in Sultanahmet. The project was carried out by Dorak Holding, and the Mansions of this unique street of the historical peninsula are gathered under one roof. Touring's managements in Sultanahmet make a great contribution to the tourism of the region, and they also offer the visitors an unforgettable experience in mansions.

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